New reservation dates for some Block Management Areas in Region 7
By angelamontana

Posted: August 19, 2019

For the majority of Block Management Areas allowing public hunting in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 7 this fall, sportsmen and women can begin calling to make reservations on Thursday, Aug. 22. But for some properties, people will have to call on different dates to schedule a hunt this season.

FWP currently handles access for 15 BMAs, and reservation dates for those will range from Aug. 22-28.

“Instead of taking reservations for 15 places on one day to start with, we thought we would break it up so it would be easier for the hunters to get through to us,” said Block Management Administrative Assistant Bea Sturtz.

The change will only affect the following properties in Region 7: Pezzarossi Ranch, PV Ranch, Aberg Ranch, Guyer Ranch, Ringling Ranch, Froze-to-Death, BB&H Ranch, N.J. Hastetter Ranch, Megan Hansen, Hooker Ranch, Ponessa Ranch, Horse Creek Complex, Moore Ranch, Pfaff Ranch and The Jenny Place.

“They are fairly popular – that’s why the phones get a little crazy on those days,” Sturtz said.

A list below contains the dates and numbers to call for these BMAs. The list can also be found in the 2019 Hunting Access Guide on page 126. For more details on where these BMAs are and what type of hunting is available, consult the access guide, which is available at FWP offices or online at

Since Aug. 12, Block Management staff at the Miles City FWP office has been distributing access guides and providing phone numbers and maps for all Block Management Areas.

“You can start calling now to get contact info or come in and get maps and numbers,” Sturtz said.

Hunters are limited to five numbers and five maps per visit. They can also call (406) 234-0930 and get contacts or have maps mailed to them.

Sturtz encourages people to gather these resources now to help streamline the reservation process. When you’re ready to call for reservations, she also suggests having key information ready for FWP or landowners: mailing address, vehicle info (model, year, color and license plate), and names of other hunters who will be with you.

For the 15 properties reserved through FWP, people can call for reservations between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. If calling before Aug. 28, please use the specific phone number listed for that BMA (list below). If calling after Aug. 28, use the main Block Management number of (406) 234-0930.

For reservations on all other Type II BMAs, ask Block Management staff for preferred calling times for that landowner.

Starting Oct. 1, hunters interested in the 15 BMAs may be referred to Hunter Access Technicians stationed in trailers at various sites near the properties that FWP administers.

In 2019, there are 259 BMAs in Region 7 that provide access to 2,138,356 acres of private, state and federal lands.


NEW DATES FOR RESERVATIONS (Call FWP office 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays):

AUGUST 22 Reservations for:

-Pezzarossi Ranch, BMA #416: Call (406) 234-0929

-PV Ranch, BMA #284: Call (406) 234-0930

-Aberg Ranch, BMA #322 & Guyer Ranch, BMA #448: Call (406) 234-0932

AUGUST 23 Reservations for:

-Ringling Ranch, BMA #445: Call (406) 234-0929

-Froze-to-Death, BMA #279: Call (406) 234-0930

-BB&H Ranch, BMA #208 & N.J. Hastetter Ranch, BMA #93: Call (406) 234-0932

AUGUST 26 Reservations for:

-Megan Hansen, BMA #446: Call (406) 234-0929

-Hooker Ranch, BMA #6: Call (406) 234-0930

-Ponessa Ranch, BMA #161: Call (406) 234-0932

AUGUST 27 Reservations for:

-Horse Creek Complex, BMA #255: Call (406) 234-0930

-Moore Ranch, BMA #315: Call (406) 234-0932

AUGUST 28 Reservations for:

-Pfaff Ranch, BMA #219: Call (406) 234-0930

-The Jenny Place, BMA #308: Call (406) 234-0932

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