By Montana Grant

Posted: September 21, 2019

Fishermen that catch the most fish understand Presentation! You must pay attention to the details and little things if you want to catch fish.

If you prepare a tasty wonderful meal, but serve it in a Dog Food bowl, your presentation will not get many accolades. If your meal is not perfect, but presented perfectly, you may be surprised. This is the one most important Fishing tip that you need to learn!

Start by considering weight. Where do you put it? How far up or down? How many? What color, size, or style? Split shot adds weight to get the fly, bait, or lure deeper. Changing the location and size of your weight changes the presentation, depth, and action. In different conditions, this means catching or not catching fish. If the lure, jig, or fly is weighted, it will go deeper and make for a more vertical presentation. Know where the fish are, then use enough weight to reach them. This may be important for trolling but not drifting.

Drift must be natural. Fish are feeding on specific foods all day. They see one after the other coming at the same speed, pace, or action. If you are not matching this presentation, you are fishing, not catching. Make your bait, lure, or fly seem unattached to the line. When you see this happen, the fish will too.

Think like a fish. This is pretty simple. What do they see, hear, feel, want? Honestly meeting the needs of a fish is easier than meeting the needs of family or spouses. Too thick of line can be seen, scent can be useful, light line can detect a bite easier, give the fish what they want.

Think up, down, horizontal, and vertical. Your lure presentation must match what the fish sees and wants in these 4 planes. If you miss just one of these, you will get skunked.

It is amazing to watch a fisherman spend the day getting Skunked. Honestly, a fish must eat. Doing the same wrong thing, using the wrong rig or bait, fishing where the fish aren’t, not learning from mistakes or successes, are all things to consider. If you are not getting a bite, try something, somewhere, different. Once you have some success, don’t forget it. Maybe record the information in a log for future use.

Present properly to prevent problems.

Montana Grant

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