By Montana Grant

Posted: October 6, 2019

So, you are hooked up, the rod is bending, and the reels drag is screaming. “Hang on!” The fish is putting on a clinic as to how a fish should fight. The fisherman is struggling to get the fish to the net but…

Suddenly, just as you get the fish near the shore, boat, or net, the battle is over. We have all seen, said, or done something goofy at this point. Rods and gear can go flying. Foul language could come out of your mouth. Loss of tempers flare and attitudes sour.

There are also some favorite lines that fisherman may share.

               “Nice Voluntary Release huh?

               “It takes great skill to let them go without touching them!”

               “I hate to see you go, but thanks for the memory!”

               “At least I got to count coup!”

On a fishing trip in the Chesapeake Bay, I hooked into a nice “Tide runner!” These large 7-10-pound sea trout are great sport and tasty. The battle was on as I gradually worked the fish to the boat. Just as I began to lift the fish into the boat, a huge splash exploded at the end of my line. I was covered in water and blood and my huge fish was now a head hanging on my line.

A Bull Shark wanted my sea trout more than me.

“At least I don’t have to clean him!”

Montana Grant

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