By Montana Grant

Posted: October 12, 2019

The other day I was out and about and saw a sign, “Beware of Hole”.

Reading the sign got me to thinking about all the “Holes” we need to beware of. Sure, Holes can be dangerous. It is nice to get a warning about a nearby Hole.

“Hole” could be taken as a short version of “A-Hole”. We all need to be aware of them. Poachers, thieves, abusers, bullies, rage drivers, drunks, litterbugs, and idiots are examples of “Holes”. Their selfish disrespect of wildlife, society, and our environment certainly qualify them for this title.

Being a Hole is a choice! Ignorance could be part of this, but usually Holes simply don’t care, or have earned other labels and adjectives. Choosing to not be a Hole is also a choice.

Holes are not normally born a Hole. Being a Hole is a learned behavior taught by a Hole. Big Holes are made by Bigger Holes.

No normal person wants to be a Hole. A moment of poor judgement, peer pressure, bad parenting, and basic stupidity could be responsible for many Holes. Some people do not want to be “Normal” so instead they act out and become a Hole.

“Holy Moley”, “being holy”, and “whole” should not be mistaken for a “Hole”. Telling the truth, reading the Bible, and eating a whole sandwich are way different than being a Hole.

We have all stumbled into Holes, worked with Holes, and encountered Holes throughout our lives.

The English language can be so complicated. Maybe I am just reading too much into a sign that was just about a Hole!

I hope there is not a Dog in the Hole!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him avoiding holes at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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