By Montana Grant

Posted: October 17, 2019

Hunting critters can be risky. Sometimes Hunters become the Hunted! Montana offers a higher danger of animal attacks than most states. More rural areas have populations of predators that have no problem dining on humans.

Grizzly Bears, Back Bears, Mountain Lions, and Wolves are predators that potentially put hunters at risk. Coyotes, raptors, elk, deer, snakes, and other critters can cause injury but are not predators.

Hunters are at greater risk to die, or be injured, from car accidents, falling from tree stands, weapons, accidents, or … Critter assaults are rare. Deaths or injury that result from an actual attack for food are even more rare. Generally, wild critters just want to be left alone and avoid human contact.

The chance of getting attacked by lethal critter is small in comparison. Normally critter assaults are the result of a mother protecting there offspring, a surprise reactive encounter, or by wounded/ sick animals.

Wild predators survive by avoiding humans.

The top 5 States where you could die from a critter assault are;

Montana     1 in about 675,000!!!

West Virginia

South Dakota



Hunters often carry Bear Spray or guns. The bear spray will work on most critters. The gun is a more lethal option. Normally, hunters shoot at the attacking critter and scare them off. It is hard to react to an assault. Even when trained, unholstering a can of spray or a pistol, takes training and practice. Most bear can carriers have never discharged their spray for practice.

The best way to deal with predators is education. Know your limits and risks. Be prepared to deal with them. Stay alert to sounds, smells, and other observations that may give warning of an attack. Birds on a kill site, gut piles, dens, scat, feeding signs, etc.

Avoidance is the best defense!

Montana Grant

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