By Montana Grant

Posted: October 24, 2019

The paved road at the Hyalite Reservoir is going to be increased. Additional paving will extend the paved area from the dam to where the road splits for Grotto and Palisades falls.

Paving will begin in the end of October. Delays could be as long as 30 minutes because of tree cutting along the right of way.

Road improvement will help public safety, decrease runoff, and sediments from washing into the city’s water supply.

The bulk of the roadwork is set for next spring and summer, during the annual closure. This Spring closure will be extended by 2 weeks for the construction. All work should be done by June 2020.

The current paved roads allow winter use to the lake and area. It is plowed and pen most of the year but can be very treacherous.

I see people in the ditch almost every trip to ice fish. Folks without 4wd get stuck in the parking lot. Be prepared and cautious when traveling this winter route.

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Montana Grant

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