By Montana Grant

Posted: October 6, 2019

Hunting and fishing are a great escape for many sportsmen. The planning, preparation, and performance of our sport is rewarding, time consuming, distracting, and fun. As we age, it becomes harder.

We all appreciate the pleasures and joys of the outdoors. The clean air, open spaces, and companionship recharges our lives. It gets harder to wake up before the sun, rough it, or “shake the rust off”. Our spirits are still strong, but our bodies have aged, our minds have clouded, and our pool of buddies has dried up.

Abe Lincoln once said, “It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years!” What a wise man. This is certainly everyone’s intention and dream. No one wants to fade away but…

Old Hunters and Fishermen are tough. We would rather “wear out than rust out!” With many of our outdoor buddies gone, lazy, fat, or dead, it becomes harder to find new friends. When we were in school or in the workplace, there always seemed to be a new candidate.

Our children are busy with their own lives and families. Many of the clubs, churches, and groups seem to be full of sportsmen that used to be. Health is a huge limiting factor. Many simply can’t do the physical challenges required.

Find your limits! You may not be able to hike as far, see as far, or travel as far, but you can still do something. Limit your trips to what you can do. Try to fish nearer other fishermen for safety and companionship. Maybe a boat can help you still navigate the outdoors. Hunting from a wheeler may be needed. Keep your outdoor life alive!

Once you know your limits, you can fill and meet them.

Montana Grant

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