WE’RE #1 !!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: October 10, 2019


Montana tops the nation for the highest outdoor recreation economy. For some of that is good news for others it means more people, crowds, and it is growing.

A recent report by a federal agency determined that” Montana’s outdoor recreation economy is thriving, growing, and is huge business”. Considering Montana has such a small population, it means that we enjoy the outdoors and that many others travel here to do the same.

The Big Outdoor Activities start off with Boating and fishing at $20.9 billion per year. Anglers spent 3.3 million angler days in Montana. That accounts for $920 million. 700.000 fishermen took advantage of guided trips.

Public lands account for a huge role in supporting jobs, businesses, and al of the supporting needs. Montana has over 34 million acres where sportsmen can trek. Most Montanans live here because of the outdoor experience.

Skiing, hunting, and outdoor adventure also invite folks to join the outdoor clan. Guided and outfitted trips are the fastest growing business.

With continued support from our Federal and State agencies, continued growth is expected for years to come. Hopefully our State agencies will be able to develop plans to better manage crowding in our rivers, parks, and wild places. We all love Montana but…

we do not want to Love Montana to Death!

Montana Grant

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