By Montana Grant

Posted: October 18, 2019

Hunters hunt for more than food. Honestly, wild game costs way more than store bought food. If it is not about the money, then why do we hunt?

Hunters choose to feed their families and spirits through hunting. Not everyone chooses to be a hunter but everyone that travels to our parks, greenways, and public open spaces needs to thank hunters and fishermen. Sportsmen pay taxes on any and everything needed for hunting and fishing. This revenue is then returned to the states, based upon hunting and fishing license sales. The Open Space money is supposed to buy new public lands, manage or maintain open spaces, and fund our parks and waterways. Sadly, many states shove this revenue into a general account and violate the legal use of the funds.

Hunting is Historical

Hunting helps all wildlife

Hunting has dedicated members that are trained and certified

Hunting helps reduce conflicts between nature and humans

Hunting provides healthy, organic, free range, legally harvested meat

Hunting donates meat to homeless and hungry, needy people

Hunting keeps nature populations in balance

Hunting is safer than other sports

Hunting contributes money to protect, manage, and maintain wild public places.

Hunting provides recreational areas that everyone can enjoy

Hunting is not savage and uncontrolled

The things that we legally hunt are harvestable populations. Hunting allows game managers to supply additional hunting permits where and when needed. They can also reduce the number of permits as needed to protect and maintain wildlife populations.

Hunt for a happy and fulfilling life!

Montana Grant

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