By Montana Grant

Posted: November 7, 2019

So, what’s for dinner. I could be Guts! Back in the day, little went to waste. If it was on the hoof, it was on the table. That meant guts, or things we normally do not discuss.

Scrapple is the perfect example. This Hutterite and Amish treat is made with everything but the squeal! Despite that, it is damn tasty! Sometimes, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you. I have yet to find a place in Montana where I could by a loaf of delicious Scrapple.

Not everyone saves the ‘Guts” of a wild critter. The Tongue, liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys are al edible. Even the rain can be consumed, if not used to tan the hide.

Many people just think YEEECCCHH!! If you have eaten Slim Jim’s, or meat stix, sausage, grind, or other processed meats, you ate Guts! If the Guts are camouflaged, you never know. They turn out to be protein, fat, and flavor. God only “knose” what is in Souse!

One of the Mountain Men’s favorite cuts was the Colon! It would be roasted o a stick and then 2 men would challenge each other to eat toward the middle from each end! YUMMY!!!

What you don’t know won’t hurt you! At least be sure to utilize the entire critter. Wanton Waste is the term used that defines wasted meat. As a Science teacher, I would save the hearts for class dissection. I would also fry some up for the bravest and most adventurist students, usually girls.

The liver and kidneys went to friends that enjoyed it, some folks wanted scraps for their raw food diet dogs, the rest was left for the scavengers.

I have eaten breaded heart, liver and onions, and tongue. Of the three, the tongue was surprisingly good. The rest of any questionable meat went into the grind.

Sometimes it takes Guts to eat your harvest!

Montana Grant

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