No TAG SOUP for Kamp Cook
By Kamp Cook

Posted: November 14, 2019

Growing up, it was taught in my family, that you don’t shoot deer that you cant get a truck to. If you were in the timber, you were supposed to be strictly elk hunting and NOT worried about filling a deer tag. Of course there are a few exceptions. It has got to be a big buck, and you have to be somewhat close to a road or ATV trail. I took both of those factors into play when I bagged one of the biggest bucks I have ever gotten.

My brother dropped me off to do a “walk about” in a dense patch of timber. I have done this walk more than I can count in the 36 years my family has hunted this particular part of the state. I told my brother “You know what? I’m not even going to take my pack. If I get something down, you will bring me a knife?” That is when he said “watch…you are going to get something down now that you decided not to pack a knife.” He was right.

I spotted the deer just 10 minutes into my walk. He spotted me first, but didnt seem to mind, as he soon went back to tending to the doe he had courted. I kept hearing my Dad’s voice telling me NOT to shoot deer while elk hunting. Just then, I heard a trucks engine start not far behind me. That is when I decided that this buck wasn’t much of a pack out, and worthy of going home with me.

70 yard shot, and his date with his doe was over.


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