By Montana Grant

Posted: November 21, 2019

After hours and days trying to fill your tag, the moment of truth finally arrives. You see the target, raise your weapon and BANG, you missed!

First, you are not the first! Many hunters have had their “Missed Moment”! What is important, is to accept ownership and make this a learning moment. Hunters are human, and we must learn from our mistakes. Wasting this learning moment is a wasted opportunity to improve.

I have known some hunters that still have the original box of shells that they bought with their rifle. A few rounds went down range for a quick site in, and the rest were reserved for the hunt. Who knows if their rifle was dropped, kicked, or just out of adjustment?

Shooting is fun! Practice, with your hunting weapon year around. If you brag about the long-range shots you have made, prove it. Shoot your rifle at 300-600 yards and see what your skills are. If you miss, practice.

“One shot, one kill” means experience from many practice shots. I shoot a Ruger single shot 30-06 single shot rifle. I brag about how I only take 3 rounds afield, when I hunt. One for the critter, two if I must put them down, and a third for me if I miss the first two. Honestly, this does not count the hours of annual bench time.

Most misses come from negligence. You did not maintain the gun or rifles accuracy. Flinching, bad position, improper trigger pull, hurrying the shot, or flicking the trigger are often the other reasons. Don’t blame everything else. Figure it out and learn a lesson.

Respect our wildlife with an accurate, quick, sporting harvest!

Montana Grant

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