FWP Region 3 headquarters to change phone numbers
By angelamontana

Posted: December 16, 2019

Bozeman, MT — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Region 3 headquarters will be updating its phone system this week, which will change all landline phone numbers for the Bozeman office and wildlife lab.

The new system will be installed throughout the day on Thursday, Dec. 19, and people calling the Bozeman office on that day may experience some interruptions. New phone numbers are expected to be operational by Friday. Employees in the Bozeman office will not be notified of voicemails on the old numbers after the change.

The new main phone number for the Bozeman office will be 406-577-7900.

Only landline phone numbers for FWP’s office and wildlife lab in Bozeman are affected; phone numbers for the Butte and Helena area resource offices will not change. The employee phone directory available at fwp.mt.gov will be updated soon after the change.

The region’s current bison hunting hotline will remain operational for the duration of the state’s bison hunting season, which ends Feb. 15, 2020. FWP will announce a new bison hunting hotline prior to the 2020 bison hunting season.


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