Get into Ice Fishing with Howe’s Fishing!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 31, 2019

Is your New Year’s resolution to get into ice fishing or get out more?  Why not hit up Howe’s Fishing?!  Here’s why you may want to consider starting here (from their website):

Let Howe’s Fishing introduce you to the world of ice fishing! You won’t find more experienced and enthusiastic guides anywhere on the planet! We live and breathe ice fishing and team with many quality companies to ensure a positive experience on the ice. Specializing in all things Flathead lake fishing!


Owner and Outfitter Mike Howe has immersed himself in the ice fishing industry for years, and is a well respected member of the Clam Outdoors and Ice Team Pro Staff.  Mike has written dozens of articles and presented dozens of seminars about ice fishing, appearing across the United States.

Competitive on the North American Ice Fishing Circuit, he and guide Jason Mundel won the $10,000 first place prize at the 2017 Hebgen Lake Qualifier.  In fact, all the ice guides at Howe’s Fishing are competitive, tournament ice anglers; Mike has ensured that the Howe’s Fishing ice guides share the same knowledge and enthusiasm!

In short, you won’t find better qualified guides, using better equipment, in a fun, positive, family friendly environment anywhere. Give us a try and find out how compelling and addictive Montana ice angling can be!

No other outfitter in the valley specializes in ice fishing like Howe’s Fishing. Modern day ice fishing is one of the fastest growing winter sports today. Power augers, portable shelters, incredibly accurate fish finders and even underwater cameras. We supply all of the best gear on the market today!