By Montana Grant

Posted: December 21, 2019

I took my daughters for a day of ice fishing. We went to Hyalite Lake and found the lake nearly void of any other fishermen. A short walk placed us in a hot spot and the bite was on!

Montana Jess and Kola were ready for some hot fishing action! They got their wish. Dad’s always do their best to set the kids up for success. We were on a spot that had produced the week before. I cut the holes, had the rods rigged and ready. The girls cleared the holes of snow and used the spoon to get the ice chunks out.

Kola was King, or I should say Queen. as she pulled the first fish out. Jessie wasn’t far behind. Big Daddies role was to take off the fish and rebait. Girls hate the maggots and worms, and crappy boyfriends! It is a small price to pay for some fun company. The Girls kept me dancing from hole to hole as they ripped plenty of lips!

Big Daddy caught plenty of fish too! The holes closer to the banks seemed on fire. Jessie slammed 5 trout with 5 drops! All keeper Brookies! She also hooked the biggest cuttie of the day that managed to get away at the hole! Damn! We teased her about how it was the “biggest trout we ever saw”. Montana Jessie gives as good as she takes.

Montana Girls are amazing. They are independent, beautiful, and fun! No one can put them down and respect is required. If you disrespect them, you will pay! Fishing with Felines is different than fishing with Guys. Girls require less, have fun whether they catch a fish or not, and celebrate the day!

MT. Grant is a proud Papa!

Montana Grant

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