By Montana Grant

Posted: December 8, 2019

Christmas Trees are being erected with style and pride! Some holiday trees are cut fresh others bought at a local lot, or others have gone the artificial route. Everyone wants a tasteful and fragrant festive tree to enjoy over the holidays.

Whatever tree you choose, find one that fits your lifestyle. Make sure the tree you purchase will fit the space you want. Narrow, flat, skinny, or bushy, what tree will give you holiday cheer without taking up too much space.

Lights are a must but too many can be a hazard or too gaudy. LED lights use less energy and create less heat. They last longer and look nice. Consider placing 150 lights per foot of your tree.

If you have pets, consider what they do when you are not home. Anchor your tree in a proper base and maybe tie a sting or heavy fishing line to the wall just inn case. I had a relative that had their tree dump over every year. The cheapo base was never adequate, and the front heavy decorations always led to disaster.

Tree fires are a risk. Live or fresh cut trees also have bugs. Water is needed and can create a mess. Most folks fail to refill a tree until the bucket is dried out. Not the water won’t soak up. A dry tree goes up like tinder. Keep a fire extinguisher handy. Make sure the fresh tree stays fresh. Keep the tree away from a heat source. If it is near a heater vent, close that vent. No candles, fireplaces, or open flames near the tree please!

Lights add color and beauty to your tree, if they work. Inspect your lights before you apply them to the tree. If you have a tester and replacement lights, make the repairs now. Check to make sure all the wires and intact, not cracked, or frayed.

If your tree is artificial, consider have a pine scented candle nearby.

Once the season is over, dispose of the tree properly.

Enjoy the holiday tree season!

Montana Grant

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