By Montana Grant

Posted: December 26, 2019

Magnum is still on point and is ready for Christmas. He kept me company as we wrapped presents and prepared for Christmas. He has watched me hang the lights, decorate the tree, and plan for the day.

This will be Magnum’s last Christmas. The nasal tumor continues to grow. No treatment has worked. Three vets have helped. Magnum has been tough through it all. The Most Handsome Shorthair in Montana has a twinkie sized lump on his nose. His right eye is slowly disappearing. His heart and spirit are as beautiful as ever.

Mag is enjoying his meals and his sister Shelby. They share the pillow, toys, and attention. Shelby knows that Magnum has a problem. She is always cuddling and loving her big brother. They love being outside chasing each other in the snow. Magnum is still fast but can’t see too much on the right. He never missed catching a frisbee toy, until now.

The meds cause some accidental throw ups and potty mistakes, but… Oh well. Magnum is trying his best.

Magnum’s birthday is at the end of January. He will be eleven years old. There has never been a more special pup than Magnum. We love all our fur babies with all our hearts. They return the favor. Dogs make humans better.

Magnum is enjoying every day he is with us!

Montana Grant

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