NW Montana Fishing Report by Snappy’s Sport Senter 12.26.19
By angelamontana

Posted: December 30, 2019
The weather feels like we should trade the snow mobile in for a new boat! Ice conditions are at a stand sill, some good, some bad. Always check conditions for yourself and BE SAFE!
There is some slush and water on top of 3-5in of ice. Use caution in some areas.

Church Slough
Ice is far from safe! Please don’t even try to get on the ice if there is any.

Echo Lake
No recent reports but what ice was there is or should be gone.

Flathead Lake
Lake trout spawn should be over, so look for them returning to deeper water. Try trolling pinwheel lures behind an 8in flasher close to the bottom.

Flathead River
Whitefish bite has slowed dramatically. Anglers are still having luck with lakers, cuts and the bows.

Dog Lake
Good perch fishing reported with 5-8in of ice. Jig small lures tipped with maggots in 15-18ft of water. Quite a few hammer handle pike with an occasional large one.

Foys Lake
Ice is not safe if there is any left.

Lake Mary Ronan
Last report said there was a thin ice cap across lake, but not safe yet.

Lake Five
5-8in of ice and some slush. Reports of a few decent perch using tungsten jigs. Salmon bite has been slow.

Little Bitterroot
Some ice on the North end, about 3in. Main body is still open.

Lower Stillwater
7-10in of ice and some slush. Perch action has been hit and miss. A green glow Demon and wax worms works. Lots of small pike.

Little McGregor
Great place for small to mid-sized perch. They have around 5in of ice.

Thompson Chain
Lower – 0-5in of ice. Shallow water is best while there is a small patch of open water by the deep spot.
Middle – Wide Open
Upper – 3-5in of good ice. Some decent pike and a few rainbows in the shallow waters.

Rodgers Lake
3-5in of ice and very slick! The clear ice has made fish cautious.

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