By Montana Grant

Posted: December 15, 2019

Holiday gifts for a sportsman is easy! Don’t wuss out and give money or gift cards. Really try to hook up your special hunter or fisherman. Gifts from the heart are so much better than “here’s some money, go buy what you want!”

Start with perishable things. Every season, sportsmen use hand warmers, ammunition, socks, gloves, scents, baits, lures, and a boatload of other goodies. Restock your tackle box, arsenal, or RV.

Stocking stuffers mean smaller things. Lures, knives, and little gear does not mean cheap. Sporting good stores are full of stuff that fits nicely into a stocking.

New boots are always a good idea. You can’t beat the Schnee’s pack boots, made in Montana. They have a felt insert and fit into a stirrup. Durable, warm, comfy, and easy on and off. Get them one size larger than you regular size. You will have toasty toes that kick butt! Perfect for ice fishing to!.

Snacks are easy! Jerky, nuts, meat sticks. Gum, candy, energy drinks and seeds. If you had one candy bar to enjoy, what would it be? Now but a case of them. I would pick Hershey Chocolate Bars. The ones with Almonds are awesome too. Oh, and an Almond Joy is to die for. Maybe a couple cases.

Hats are like bumper stickers for your head! Every sportsman has something to say, advertise, support, or make a statement. Hats get stinky, sweaty, and gross. Replace old hats with new ones.

Jack Shirts are always a hit. These oversized, insulated shirts can be worn without tucking them in. Some even have pockets. They come in a variety of plaids, colors, or camo patterns.

Underwear can e an intimate gift for your sport. Try the layered insulating or constrictive garments that improve circulation. Some layers wick away moisture. Polypropylene socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry. Knee socks add consistent insulation for your calves. Real form fitting underwear is well worth the price. Keeping your “gear” dry, an in place, is important. Old style “Tiddy Whittie’s” or boxers fail in this area.

Think cosmetics and hygiene! Chap sticks, hand lotion, no scent shower and bath soaps, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpastes, and shaving gear will keep your Sportsman sweet smelling and more acceptable in public places.

Have fun shopping for your Sportsman!

Montana Grant

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