By Montana Grant

Posted: December 7, 2019

Now that hunting season is over, you can put away your gear and make a list of what you need for next year. Maybe you lost a glove, the batteries in your range finder died, the long underwear you used is worn out, socks have developed holes… There is always something an outdoorsman wants.

Make your Christmas List while your memory is fresh. Family and friends are going to give you gifts anyway. You might as well encourage them to get you things that you really want or need.

You also know that Ice Fishing is here, and spring fishing is in he near future. Get out a catalog and start making a wish list. Sometimes the items are simple and easy. Hooks, spinners, line, rods, or some new polaroid glasses. Maybe your shooting sticks broke, and you need a new one. A couple boxes of shells or bullets never goes to waste. Fishing hats give us a new look and look better in public.

Maybe a photo album to load your outdoor memories on. The new ones allow you to have dozens of pictures, on an electronic screen, that changes like a slide show. What about some new gear for cooking and cleaning your catch? Many hunters lose their knife in the gut pile. A new, sharp edge always helps.

A sportsman’s truck, wheeler, boat, or other recreational vehicles always need some attention. Maybe a new gun rack, new life vests, chains for the wheeler tires? Dream big and dream often. With a little prompting, your dreams will come true.

Stocking stuffers are also fun. Little things fit well into a stocking. A new pocketknife, some snacks, a dozen trout flies, a couple spinners… Stockings can hold a lot of small but important goodies. If you don’t make a list to help your gift givers, then enjoy your ugly sweater, handkerchiefs, body wash, and coffee mugs.

If you snooze you lose!

Montana Grant

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