FWP Addresses Concerns and Questions regarding 2020 Changes
By angelamontana

Posted: January 21, 2020

“We would like to address comments and questions received concerning the new 2020 license and tag changes. Hopefully the below information will help clarify some of the confusion.

Carcass tag size – the tag itself takes up 1/3 of the 8.5×11-inch paper, which prints horizontally. It can be cut out along a dotted line, folded and placed into a plastic baggy and/or wallet.

When printing tags from home, a watermark and a unique number will show up. You will have a one-time link to print tags once, so be prepared. You can print it on any kind of standard-sized paper you wish. If you need a reprint, you’ll have to go to a license dealer or FWP office, just like you do now, and it will be marked in the system. We’ve tested it, and the watermark prints from a typical home printer. If someone tries to photocopy a tag, the watermark will appear fuzzy, indicating potential fraud.

Small baggies will be provided at license providers, or you can use your own from home. Another idea, which came from a commenter to this thread, is to use clear shipping tape, cut a piece of each side like a lamination. Please protect tags/licenses the best way you see fit.

If a special permit is drawn, an email will be sent to the recipient. The email will include a one-time link to the permit and instructions on how to print it.

Licenses can be printed, or a digital copy can be saved on your phone. If you are not within cell service, simply take a screen shot of your licenses and save them in your phone gallery, which can be accessed without service. If you do not carry your phone, then print the license out and carry a hard copy.

The reason we had to make these changes are cost and technology. The printers we’ve used for years are no longer available and ours are breaking at an alarming rate. When a printer breaks, customers have one less place to get a license. Also, paper prices are going up across the board and the paper we’ve been using is very expensive.

With the shift to all electronic/online applications, we’ll have drawings complete two weeks after the deadline, not months.”

(via MT FWP on Facebook)