Holter Ice Fishing 1.16.20
By angelamontana

Posted: January 18, 2020
Here is a message from Jack Schila from Valier –be careful on the ice, as weather conditions have not been consistent:
My wife Kay and I fished Holter Reservoir on new ice for yellow perch Thursday, January 16th.  The temperature jumped up to 40 above about 10 a m, from zero degrees when we walked onto the ice.  We did not get any after I drilled a number of holes on the north shore of Holter.   We met nice U.S. Postal Carrier on the ice fishing before us, who gave us a big rainbow trout to bring back to Valier that he had pulled through the ice.  I witnessed a black jeep with Pondera County Plates,  pulling a trailer with a snowmobile on it come by us midway on the Beartooth Road paralleling the south shore of Holter.  Then the snowmobile got on the ice farther east of us at Departure Point campground, where the snowmobile hugged the north shore ice, then go across an expansion ice crack, then turn south, going all the way across Holter to the south side, with only 4 inches of ice and the 2 guys on the snowmobile got off to fish.    Risky for the weight of a snowmobile with 2 fishing people on it!!  Here are a couple of photos of my wife Kay taken Thursday, one of the trout we were given, and another of Kay pulling our Clam Portable Ice Shelter.  I talked with men exiting Senior Beach where the road leaves the lake at the easternmost end of Holter, and they did not catch anything.  All perch reports from anglers were of poor to no success.