By Montana Grant

Posted: January 2, 2020

We lost Magnum. He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is happy, handsome, and comfortable on the other side. There’s plenty of birds on the other side to keep him busy, until we can hunt together again.

Our pups define our best qualities. Like our children, they display what kind of parents we are. Magnum left us with respect and dignity, on his own terms. He left a hole in our hearts bigger than I can say but with love greater than I can say.

It is at times like these when we discover things that we take for granted. Magnum will not be getting the morning newspaper with me anymore. Pheasants are breathing a sigh of relief that Magnum is not on their ass anymore.

Magnum always slept with his head on my chest. Some may say that we spoiled him, but honestly, he spoiled us. We kept each other loved and happy. His sister Shelby is still around and has a lot of love to give. She will miss her brother

Magnum left us with respect and dignity. He is happy, handsome, and comfortable again!

We will always love our pup!

Montana Grant

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