By Montana Grant

Posted: January 26, 2020

Special behavior often brings Special Nicknames! Sportsmen end up with plenty! Whether you are a Hunter, fisherman, boater, skier, or whatever, I am sure that you have also earned a Special Nickname or two.

Some Nicknames make you proud while others are just embarrassing and stupid. Every Nickname comes with a story. Some Nicknames are created to be hurtful while others are designed to separate you from the herd. Many names result from behaviors, physical characteristics, or things that happened.

Abe Lincoln was honest, Andrew Jackson was tall and strong like a Hickory tree and wise.

My first nickname was “Dupa”. My brother knew that it meant “butt” in Czech. Later I was nicknamed “Souky” because folks had trouble remembering “Soukup”. My football coach called me his Japanese secret weapon. “Duke” and “SoukupMan” were in the mix for a while. As I became a hunter and a man, I became the “Buckmaster” and finally “Montana Grant”.

Nicknames should be names, not adjectives. That is more respective. The captain at Montana Outdoor Radio Station captains his boats and business. I am not sure if anyone still calls him by his original name. To many of us he will always be the “Captain”!

One year, as a Scoutmaster, I took my Boy Scout troop 676 to Camp Parsons in Washington State. Every scout wore a necklace with a carved stick that had their nickname inscribed. These names were earned that week at camp. Many of the names have stuck even today.

Anyone can be a Tom, Dick, or Harry. Its fun and personal to kick their names up a notch to something fun and respectful.

Montana Grant

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