By Montana Grant

Posted: January 18, 2020

Folks that don’t ice fish, always ask what is the big deal? “You can’t see the fish rise or chase your lure.” “You rarely feel the bite, and its freezing cold on top of it! Ice fishermen are simply crazy!”

The point to any fishing success is the BITE! Feeling it, seeing it, sensing it, waiting for it, anticipating it… It’s the BITE!

When we see a great trout rise to the surface and sip a size 20 Trico, its amazing. When you are reeling in a spinner and a fish jerks the rod out of your hand, that’s great. When you watch a strike indicator, or bobber, jerk under the water and disappear, that’s wonderful.

Ice fishing is equally exciting. The slight bite showed by a spring bobber alerts us to set the hook, then when you lift the rod and hook up…

There’s only one thing better. Catching!

Montana Grant

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