By Montana Grant

Posted: February 6, 2020

Wyoming wildlife officials had fewer Grizzly Bear problems and encounters last year. Thanks to plenty of natural foods, the bears stayed away from livestock, and other non-natural food sources.

Officials only had to capture 33 different Grizzlies, compared to 59 Grizzlies the year before. Only one bear needed to be caught twice. Of the 33 captured bears, 17 were too dependent on human food sources and were killed. The rest were relocated.

Each bear decision was different based on what the problems were, age, and potential for a positive outcome in the future.

Public education has also improved. Electric fencing made a huge difference in areas where calving was concentrated. Proper storage of dog food, bird feeders, and other food sources made a difference.

The goal of the Wyoming Wildlife dept. is to minimize conflict and encounters.

The same precautions deter issues with Black Bears and other predators. Things change and we must change and adapt with them.

Montana Grant

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