MAGNUM is no longer on point but…
By Montana Grant

Posted: February 23, 2020

We lost Magnum, our German Shorthaired Pointer, of 11 years. Mag was a superb hunter and member of our family. The cancer took him way too early. Shelby, Mags partner afield, and at home was a lonely girl. Magnum is in our hearts and thoughts every day.
The Heart of the Valley animal shelter gave us a call. A friend told us about a Black Lab that was turned in. The family had to go into a Senior home and her sister was already adopted. LuLu was 11, alone, and is a senior dog.
A quick visit to the center, and LuLu has moved in. Shelby has a friend, the hole Magnum left is partially filled, and we can care for an old girl that just wants to be loved. LuLu loves our Grandchild, a big yard, rolling in the snow, and has made herself to home.
I know some people think, adopting an old dog is just an opportunity for more heartbreak. Having a heart somehow seems more important.
I am still in the hunt for a bird hunting dog or pup but, LuLu will do in the interim. So far so good.
We just have another pup to enjoy along the way.
Montana Grant
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