Oklahoma angler forced to release a potential world record paddlefish
By angelamontana

Posted: February 19, 2020

For angler Justin Hamlin, it’s the tale of the big fish that got away.

Fishing in Oklahoma’s Keystone Lake in the northeastern part of the state Friday, Hamlin caught a huge, 157-lb. paddlefish that might have shattered a world record if not for a state regulation, officials told the Tulsa World.

His Valentine’s Day monster catch was likely the biggest paddlefish ever caught, but will likely never appear in the record books because it was caught on a Friday, one of two days that the state’s catch-and-release law applies, the newspaper reported.

The state regulation requires that fish caught Mondays and Fridays be released immediately.

Those same regulations say paddlefishers on other days may keep only one of the species in a day’s fishing, forcing them to stop as soon as one is kept.

The fish measured 60.5 inches from tail-to eye with a girth of 45.25 inches, the World reported.

Read the full article on the Fox News website here.


(photo credit: Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife)
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