By Montana Grant

Posted: February 1, 2020

As the snow has been melting, an organic harvest has appeared! Landmines. Turds, crap, manure, or whatever term you use are surfacing. It seems that our wonderful parks, hiking trails, and public open spaces are at risk. Our front yards, in our communities are also showing Poo Prizes as the snow clears.

Dogs will be dogs and when they gotta go, they gotta go. It is the responsibility of their owners to clean up after them. If they had thumbs, I am sure our wonderful Fur babies would help but, they don’t.

Responsible owners carry plastic bags to do the poo. Simply put the glove on your hand and pick it up. Now tie the bag in a knot and trash it. On a cold day, the warmth could be a welcome. To allow the poo to lay means disrespect, laziness, and contributing to unsafe conditions for your pet and others. We do this with diapers, pets need help too.

Montana has more dogs than people. Throw in the cows, horses, cats, poultry, and other wild critters and that is a lot of crap!

Too much crap is not a good thing. Even if it falls apart and goes into the soil, it contaminates water and the ground. The chemicals in the poo includes parasites, phosphorus, noxious weeds, ammonia, and other diseases.

Many farmers and landowners feel that Manure is just natural and free fertilizer. Tons of manure are spread across their grasslands and crops. Chicken poo and other forms of poo can burn the soil, and plants, due to their high levels of toxins. Waters end up with algae blooms and dead zones, due to too much nutrient. Hiking trails reek of dog poo odors that take the place of more pleasant and natural smells. Many of the worms, parasites, and pet diseases are transferred through the feet of pets, trying to navigate the poo mine fields safely.

NIMBYS, “Not in my back yard” people are just lazy, and selfish, until someone else’s dog leaves the mess in their yard. Early morning pet walkers allow the dark to hide their neglect. Public parks become public poopers. Contaminated soils around children’s playgrounds are becoming a huge problem.

Human wastes around campsites and roadside pull offs is also a concern. Whether being caused by “Illegal immigrants”, or emergency poopers, poop is poop. Primitive campsite piles attract unwanted critters. Digging a hole and covering the mess helps.

Please Poop Responsibly!

Montana Grant

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