By Montana Grant

Posted: February 6, 2020

Pout, Eelpout, Burbot, lawyer, Great Slave Cod, or Ling are all the same fish. This wonderful bottom feeder is a strong fighter and tasty treat for those that pursue the Pout!

Many of the American North Central lakes harbor Ling. They range from small to a dozen lbs. Fishing in the dark is a great time to hook into a Ling. These Leopard spotted snake like fish rely on smell to find their meals. They also tend to be in deeper water. At Canyon Ferry, I do best around 25 feet.

The first Ling I hooked was by accident. I was fishing dead stick on the bottom. I had added a strip of perch belly to my jig. The fresh meat attracted the 3 lb. Pout. I watched my rod get nearly dragged down the hole. Once I had him under control, the Ling made several strong runs. Once I had it to the hole, I started dragging him up. It was the fish that kept growing.

Later that day I caught 2 more. The 3rd fish was a whopping 11 pounds! It looked like a giant tiger swinging back and forth under the ice. What a crazy fish to enjoy!

Pout are an oily fish that is high in Omega 3’s. Once fileted, I trim the mushy, grey meat away. You will find that the meat seems rubbery compared to walleye or pike. Battering these filets is tough. Unless the oil is just right, and you time the cook perfectly, the batter will shed off. I use no wet dip before adding the filets into a zip bag of dry complete pancake batter. Add some Old Bay or your favorite seafood spice mix. Lay the coated filets onto wax paper and let rest for at least 30 minutes. Now they are ready to fry. Be careful not to overcook.

Many others use the Poor Man’s Lobster style recipe. Its all about personal pouty taste.

Montana Grant

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