By Montana Grant

Posted: February 29, 2020

New Fishing License time is here. You also need to look at the new hunting License. To hunt, fish, or trap starting March 1, 2020, you need to get your license now. You can purchase a new license on Sunday, March 1st, at 5 am. Apply online or at your local FWP office.

Licenses are available online at MTFWP, or over the counter. In the past, I wrote down everything that I wanted to catch or hunt and went to my local FWP Regional office and got what I needed. The staff were experts on all license issues and questions. You never want to be caught afield dealing with issues you thought were addressed.

For many of us, Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping licenses are like giving to the church. Our funds support a good cause. The FWP staff monitors, manages, and protects our special wild places and creates more opportunities for us to recreate outdoors.

Here are some things to consider when getting your new ticket to paradise!

               Licenses can be printed on normal paper. It is advised to keep your licenses in a protective plastic bag.

               You can also present your license on a Smart Phone.

Licenses provide opportunities for harvesting.

Permits, along with Licenses provide opportunities to harvest in certain areas.

               Conservation Licenses are a prerequisite for hunting, fishing, and trapping.

Basic hunting and fishing Licenses allow you to hunt and fish

April 1st is the deadline for Elk permits.

               The online website is easy to use even for Old Fart Baby Boomers with limited technology skills.

Many Montanans buy a Sportsman’s License with or without bear. For residents, this is a $20 difference. A States Land tag is $10, and a Montana Conservation License is $8.00. Nonresidents pay more. Youth are often free or less for certain licenses or permits.

Montana’s spend more for a tank of fuel, dinner, or a bar tab. The NFL Ticket will allow you to enjoy hours of fun and recreation. Limits of fish, fowl, and game add to the Family budget. The pleasure of celebrating the outdoors is priceless!

Big Sky Country offers world class sporting adventure.

Montana Grant

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