By Montana Grant

Posted: March 5, 2020

We all have a Crock Pot sitting around. Heck, I still have an original. When we use them, we feel so smart? The reward of coming home to a ready to eat meal is wonderful. The house smells great as soon as you open the door.

Fish are rarely on the Crock Pot list of recipes. In reality, Fish are perfect in a slow cooker. Here are a couple of recipes to Crock your Catch!


4 trout gutted and head removed. You can use big chunks of the trout cut into portion size, if using a big fish. Size and quantity may vary based on the size of your Crock Pot

¼ pint of white wine. 4oz. of sliced mushrooms. 1 lemons juice and grated rind. Fresh pepper, and salt. ¼ pint of Sour Cream

Grease the Crock pot and place the fish portions into the pot. Add the sliced mushrooms, wine, lemon grated rind and juice. Sprinkle in a bit of salt and pepper.

Set the Crock Pot onto “LOW” and cook for 3-4 hours, depending on the size of your fish. If your fish are average sized, 2 hours may be enough time. Thicker slabs/filets take longer. You may also want to increase ingredients for the larger fish.

When the fish flakes easily, stir in the Sour Cream and heat 15 minutes more.

Serve some fresh vegetables and salad and your meal will be complete!

Bon appetite!

Montana Grant

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