By Montana Grant

Posted: March 21, 2020

Montanans are survivors! Whether we are talking about the first native peoples, the first Mountain Men, or the first Pioneers, Montanans will always survive. Now some of you may not want to speak for you but… these virtues, and values are rooted in Montana.

The Pioneer Spirit is still in many of us to this day. Oh sure, there may be some weak links in the chain, but Montanans help each other, work for the public safety, and care for one another. Those that don’t simply need a lesson on how to live right!

Pioneers are fishermen, and outdoorsmen. We are “outsiders”, meaning we love to live outside. We came from places outside Montana to make Big Sky Country our home. Montana’s harsh climate tests us and keeps us healthier. In Montana, it is about survival of the fittest.

Pioneers are Hunters and Gatherers. We keep our pantries stocked and our freezers full. Our gardens yield produce to can, roots to store, and forage to feed. Farmers live close to communities. Their crops and livestock support all of us. If the rest of the world went to hell, Montana would still stand!

The current Virus Apocalypse reminds us about what we need to do to survive. You never know when a weather, geologic, health, or other event will happen. Being prepared is just something we should all do.

Financially, it is suggested that we all have a 6-month buffer.

Foodwise, we need a stash of a month.

Fuel wise, it is always good to have a few backup cans of gas, propane, or wood.

Toilet Paper is a luxury. Before 2 ply comfort, Pioneers used grass, paper, washed cloths, dirt or sand, and newspaper. Heck, many folks only bathed once every 6 months or if the caught in the rain or fell into a river.

Hunt more than one place. If the usual stores are empty and crowded, seek out the spots where fewer folks shop. The local and small Gas n Go’s often have what you need. There is always another horizon in Big Sky Country.

Water has not always been sold in a bottle. It is ok to use water from a sink, well, or other source. If you feel it needs to be cleaner, boil it and use a cotton cloth to filter it. A little more work but wet and delicious.

Neighbors are our friends. Check in on them and make sure they are ok. What goes around comes around. This current crisis is no different

Sharing is a part of being in the community. Back in the day, when a hunter or fisherman returned home, the harvest was shared with all. Bartering was a fair deal, and if someone was in need, a helping hand was always there.

Everyone’s life will have a legacy. As Montanans, we can say that we respected, supported, and helped our neighbors. Your life will not be measured by what you did for yourself. It will be judged by what you did for others. Service, sharing, and support are a few reasons why Montanans will survive this viral flu crisis. This too will pass.

Do you want to be remembered as the person who hogged up the toilet paper, sanitizer, and flu medicine? Or maybe the person that was too fat and lazy, to turn the faucet for a glass of water.

Montana Grant

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