By Montana Grant

Posted: March 7, 2020

As the winter snows recede and melt, a minefield of special presents will become exposed. A long winters worth of pet and critter poop will be revealed. This unsightly, stinky, and unhealthy mess needs to be addressed, So, what to do about the poo?

Pick it up!   Grab a shovel and a garden hoe and begin scrapping up the piles. Dump them into an old, sturdy dog food bag for transport. Seems appropriate.

Hire a Pooper Scooper contractor!   They will come by and do the clean up using creative gadgets and gizmos. The crew will remove and depose of the mess.

Drag a poop buster behind your tractor!   Farmers use a section of old chain link fencing behind a tractor to bust and spread the minefield of poop. In this way, the mess is spread out so that nature can decompose the rest.

Power Wash the piles     Adjust the power washer pressure to only deal the poo and not the lawn. A garden hose will also do the deed. Once the poo is splattered, it will dissolve on its own.

Keep health issues in mind. Parasites, worms, and diseases can be spread from contaminated wastes. Kids playing in an area with waste is not a good idea. If kids are involved, it is best to remove the poo! Now spread lime over the lawn to neutralize the area and promote fresh soil and gras growth. Check the soil PH to know how much lime to use.

You can recycle and mulch the poo with other lawn wastes, dig a poo hole with enzymes to break down the poo, bury the poo in a hole and cover. This will eventually add nutrient back to the soil. Dropping it into the land fill will add a bag of organic nutrient that will ultimately help the landfill decompose.

What goes in must come out! Deal with Poo before it makes you sick, kills the lawn, or just looks like crap!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him poo free at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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