By Montana Grant

Posted: March 14, 2020

Spring turkey season is just around the corner. Calling is important so you can cluck up a gobbler. Turkey hunting is more than just calling, but calling is an important and fun part.
Start practicing NOW!!! Proper, effective, and natural calling requires practice. Don’t wait for opening morning to pull out a degraded diaphragm, unchalked box, unsanded slate, blocked wing bone, or unrubbed glass or metal calls.

Well practiced callers can make good clucks, purrs, gobbles, cackles, and other sounds. It takes hours of practice to learn how to use and maintain your calls. Try the calls and support gear from Rocky Mountain Game Calls. Rocky Jacobsen is an awesome hunter and designer of many types and styles of calls.

What call is best? Diaphragm calls are the most versatile, natural, and hands off. With the call in your mouth, you still have two hands on the gun and finger on the trigger. This call is hard to get use to. Many hunters have a gag reflex and find that the call tickles when it vibrates. Rocky Jacobsen’s call has a patented domed palate plate that “reduces the tickle but amplifies the turkle”.

It takes practice.
Each call has a different application. A tree call is for early morning use. Gobbling can scare off younger Jakes, or male turkeys. A Cackle imitates the sound of a turkey landing on the ground, after flying out of the roost. Clucks make the classic Kee Kee runs that all turkey hunters are familiar with.
The best time to practice is when you are in your ride alone. Pull out a call and go at it. If you have a recording of turkey calls, play them while riding, and imitate what you hear. Once you feel comfortable, go outdoors and let er fly. Calls sound different outdoors. If you have a sanctuary or park nearby, with turkeys, go and have a conversation.

When hunting, mimic and repeat what you hear. Turkeys have great hearing, so volume is less important than personality and style. You need to be that Sexy Hen. Becoming one with your call is where that begins. Less calling is more. Once the turkey knows where you are, silence can be golden. Get into position and wait. Try to see the bird before they see you.

Cluck, cluck, purr!
Montana Grant
For more Montana Grant, cluck him up at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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