6 Foot Fishing (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 4, 2020

As Spring Trout Season approaches, may states are closing down the world. The Corona virus has impacted everything. Even with “Shelter at Home” guidelines, we can still go fishing in many states. The key is to stay at least 6 feet away from each other.

6 Foot is easy to measure. Most spin rods are 5-8 feet long. Fly rods are 9 foot and longer. Our rods are perfect measuring sticks to make sure that you don’t get too close.

Years ago, I was fishing a stream in Maryland called Pine Creek. It was stocked with trout and fun to fish. The nearby community was more city than suburbs and so were the fishermen. Rules, limits, and courtesy were never learned by this novice crowd. 

I was nailing trout in a small pool when I saw a guy approaching from my left. The next thing I know, he slapped the tip of his rod across my cheek as he cast! He had seen me catch several trout and was horning in. I grabbed the tip of his rod and waited for an apology. None came. He was giving me lip for grabbing his rod and fishing in his lucky hole. After a few adjectives, threats, and a promise of some swimming lessons, he left the scene. I threw his rod tip after him.

We all appreciate our open spaces and freedoms of the outdoors. No one’s private space is any more, or less important. To have respect, you must give respect to others. You should never encroach on another’s private spaces without permission. 

In Montana, we are used to a lot of private space. In a city, that space is compressed. City folk are used to being cramped, close, and crowded. It’s funny what you can get used to. 

Everyone is under a lot of stress due to this health issue. Fishing is a wonderful therapy to stay calm, and relaxed. You can wash your hands every time you catch a fish. 

Just stay a rods length away!

Montana Grant

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