First Limit! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 16, 2020

Do you remember your first limit? Human nature is always to “limit out”. “Gittin yer limit” becomes the goal. If the limit is 5 trout, then that’s the goal. We did not leave the stream or pond, until we got our limits! Whether you fish in Montana or Maryland, a limit is a measure of success. 

My first limit came when I was a “wee lad” along a creek called Falling Branch. This small creek was pounded by fishermen and took skill and timing. I had plenty of both, at age 7. After a long day of getting skunked, the sun was going down. I had fished under an old tree, next to the truck, where my Mom and her friend, Ms. Elsie, could keep an eye on me. The low light turned on the bite, and before you knew it, my limit of 7 fat rainbows was on my stringer! My Mom and Ms. Elsie were my witnesses and cheerleaders! Yahoo!!!

Recently a Maryland fishing Buddy sent me a picture of his son’s first trout limit. Braiden has always been a fan of eating fish. When his Father Rob would bring a limit home, his wife Korrie, would cook them up for dinner. Before Dad could get to the table, Braiden had eaten his limit! 

Braiden Walsh is now learning to fish. Not everyone takes to the bite. At age 9, Braiden seems to have discovered the joy of fishing. His dad took him along the Gunpowder River and turned him loose on a herd of trout he had located. 

Power Bait and Power Worms were the ticket. This bait stays on the hook when casting. Rookie fishermen tend to whip their bait off when casting too hard. Braiden presented the orange and pink treats where they needed to be, and it became Tight Lines and Screaming Reels! Each fish was managed, netted, and placed on the stringer. Braiden enjoyed learning all the tasks and skills needed. 

The Light action rod, and 4lb. Golden Stren line, stayed intact and sealed the deal. Size 10 hooks are hard to use when you have slow skills and small fingers. Knot tying is a challenge all its own. Casting presents a whole new level of required skills. 

Fishing is so important for kids. It teaches them rules, regulations, choices, sportsmanship, honesty, outdoors, responsibility, skills, all while having fun with their Dad or Mentor. This is the perfect way to learn the lessons in life! For us Mentors and Parents, the success is measured in smiles.

A “Limit” is also more than a certain number of fish or filled tags. The best limits are the adventures, stories, experiences, and fellowship that you get hooked on. You can get a limit when fishing for “Catch and Release” fun, photography, adventure, or just enjoying the day. Life is about experiences. There are no limits to how much fun you can have!

“Bringing Home the Bacon” is what Hunters and Gatherers do! Part of becoming a man, or woman, is to learn how to contribute to the family freezer. The bonds, memories, and friendships that come from fishing are lifelong. 

Once your hooked, the only cure is another Limit!

Montana Grant

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