By Montana Grant

Posted: April 2, 2020

Fishing can fill the freezer! Hunters and fishermen can always rely on their harvests to survive. During the Viral Pandemic, we can still provide for our families.

Fresh fish and game are always tasty additions to our menus. With Spring Turkey season coming up in April, hunters can gobble up some dinner. Other edible critters may also be available for harvest. In Montana, rabbits and other birds are available year around. Some types of aquatic, seafood, and other wild bounty may be available inn your area soon. Mushrooms, ramps, onions, watercress, and other regional treats may soon be in season.

Fishing offers an opportunity to stay isolated while taking a limit for dinner. Remember that the daily limit and possession limit are two different things. You can only can, smoke, freeze, or have in possession so many fish. Check your area for regulations.

Honestly, fish are best when eaten immediately. A quick filet and cleaning and you can enjoy the harvest quickly. Then feel free to fish again.

There are so many fun ways to prepare fish that you may never get bored. This healthy food source is fat with nutrients, proteins, and healthy goodies that they are a welcome part of almost everyone’s diet. You can bake, boil, fry, poach, grill, smoke, or make fish into jerky. By changing up your recipes, you can serve fish a few times a week in completely different ways.

Check your watersheds to make sure that there are no Consumption Warnings on the fish. All waters are not pristine, pure, and clean. The waters that come out of Yellowstone Park are all polluted with toxics like mercury, lead, arsenic, and other chemicals that spew from geothermal features. Consider fishing local ponds that have been stocked for public enjoyment.

When you catch your dinner, immediately put the fish on ice for best results. If there is still snow or ice in the area, your cooler is naturally on hand.

Fresh Fish is what’s for dinner!

Montana Grant

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