Greg Gianforte and FWP Talk Opening Campgrounds
By Kamp Cook

Posted: April 25, 2020

This morning on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show the Captain and his Crew
will be talking about a question that has been getting asked a great deal
lately and that is when will our State and Federal campgrounds and other
outdoor recreation areas be open for overnight camping?
Due to all the efforts to “flatten the curve” during the Covid-19 Virus
Pandemic it has been necessary to close nearly all but essential
businesses and public places. The personal, economic and psychological
price that Montanans have paid has indeed been a historically high one.
But now it looks as though Montana has turned the corner and Governor
Bullock has announced his phased approach to open Montana back up.
Though that has been good news to Montanas it has also caused some
confusion and concerns for so many Montanas who love to get out and
camp under the Big Sky since so far there has been no date set to open
State, Federal and other campgrounds.
Tomorrow on the show the Captain will have United States Congressman
Greg Gianforte on the show to talk about what might be able to be done to
get the Federal campgrounds open in Montana. Then after that the
Captain will have Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Spokesperson Greg
Lemon on the show to talk about the State Parks and other State
recreation areas in Montana. Rumor has it that Mr. Lemon my have an
announcement about the question of when the state campgrounds will
open to over night camping. Will it be a date? Tune into the Montana
Outdoor Radio Show this morning from 6 to 8 AM to find out with the
rest of the folks in the State of Montana and beyond who no doubt will be
listening on the 29 radio stations that air the show every Saturday morning
all across Montana as well as folks tuning in from out of state on radio
station websites, and on Facebook.

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