Lolo National Forest Prepares to Open Campgrounds by Memorial Day Weekend
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 5, 2020

o National Forest staff is working hard to reopen developed campgrounds by Memorial Day weekend, or shortly after depending on current conditions. Additionally, rental facilities will begin a phased reopening on May 13 based on seasonal availability and facility conditions. Until then, developed campgrounds and rentals remain temporarily closed.

Recreation areas and campgrounds may not be immediately open and available for use. Expect forest closures and modified operations to happen on a case-by-case basis.

“We are looking forward to opening these sites for public use and enjoyment. Camping and recreating on the Lolo National Forest is an activity individuals and families look forward to experiencing every summer,” said Carolyn Upton, Lolo National Forest Supervisor. “While we understand there may be some excitement from the public to return to their favorite recreation areas, please continue to follow local, state, and federal guidelines on staying safe.”

Those with existing cabin rental and lookout reservations through will be notified via email and/or text message if there are any changes. Please be aware that rentals and lookouts will not be cleaned in between use. As in previous years, it is up to the individual renters to bring their own cleaning supplies, and to clean before and after use of the site.

Trails and trailheads remain open. Please remember to avoid congregating at trailheads and/or parking areas and refrain from gathering in groups of 10 or more.

The Lolo National Forest continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation. Please remember to review current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with local and state guidelines for social distancing and cloth face coverings.

For information on the projected recreation site opening dates by District and location, please visit, call your local Ranger Station, follow the Lolo National Forest on Facebook @LoloNationalForest, or on Twitter @LoloNF.

Lolo National Forest 2020 Projected Campground and Rental Opening Dates

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These are target reopening dates. Reopening dates may fluctuate based on capacity and resources. Thank you for your patience!

*To Be Determined: Opening of recreation sites that accommodate large groups will be delayed in line with CDC guidelines.

Missoula Ranger District

  • Bitterroot Flat Campground opens 5/22
  • Fort Fizzle Picnic Area *To Be Determined
  • Lolo Creek Picnic Area/Campground 6/6
  • Bighorn Campground 5/22
  • Dalles Campground 5/22
  • Grizzly Campground 5/22
  • Harry’s Flat Campground 5/22
  • Norton Campground 5/22
  • Siria Campground 5/22
  • Lee Creek Picnic Area/ Campground 6/6
  • Hogback Homestead Cabin 5/13
  • Morgan Case Homestead Cabin 5/13
  • West Fork Butte Lookout 5/22
  • Pattee Canyon Group Picnic 7/1

Ninemile Ranger District

  • Clearwater Crossing Campground 5/22
  • Kreis Pond Campground 5/22

Seeley Lake Ranger District

  • Big Larch Campground 5/22
  • Big Nelson Campground 5/22
  • Lake Alva Campground 5/22
  • Lake Inez Campground 5/22
  • Lakeside Campground 5/22
  • Monture Creek Campground 5/22
  • River Point Campground 5/22
  • Seeley Lake Campground 5/22
  • Double Arrow Lookout 5/22
  • Rainy Lake Campground 5/22
  • Hidden Lake Campground 5/22

Plains-Thompson Falls Ranger District

  • Cascade Campground 5/22
  • Clark Memorial Campground 6/5
  • Copper King Campground 5/22
  • Fishtrap Lake Campground 5/22
  • Gold Rush Campground 5/22
  • West Fork Fishtrap Creek Campground 6/5
  • Cougar Peak Lookout 6/5
  • Bend Guard Station *To Be Determined

Superior Ranger District

  • Cabin City Campground 5/22
  • Quartz Flat Campground 5/22
  • Sloway Campground 5/22
  • Savenac West Cottage 5/22
  • Savenac Cookhouse *To Be Determined
  • Savenac Bunkhouse *To Be Determined
  • Thompson Peak Lookout 6/5
  • Up Up Lookout 6/15
  • Deer Creek Campground 5/22
  • Big Creek Campground 5/22
  • Trout Creek Campground 5/22

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