Lost Creek State Park opened to camping May 15
By angelamontana

Posted: May 20, 2020

For those of you heading out in search of a campground for Memorial Day weekend, just know the campgrounds and parks are opening back up…

Anaconda – Lost Creek State Park opened its gate for full camping and road use Friday, May 15. The snow on the park road has nearly cleared off and just small maintenance tasks were completed by Friday.

The park’s open status will be monitored with potential for flooding due to early warm temperatures following strong snowpack in the Flint Creek Range. Visitors should keep in mind that campsites that can accommodate camping units over 23 feet in total length are very limited.

Due to COVID-19, FWP asks visitors to take extra precautions when recreating at Lost Creek State Park. Please restrict any gatherings to 10 or less people and practice 6-foot social distancing as per Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s guidelines. Bring hand sanitizer with you. Not all park latrines will be open initially to preserve limited cleaning supplies.

For more information, call the park visitor center at 406-287-3541.


PHOTO CREDIT: southwestmt.com
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