By Montana Grant

Posted: May 16, 2020

When you search for each states Tasty Treat recognition, Montana is unique. Our American states vary in tastes and fame. Each state has a different venue. Some are near saltwater, so seafood is the tasty treat of the day. Some states are in farm country, so agriculture influences the menu. Other states, like Louisiana have European roots so Cajun flavors abound.

My Maryland roots reflect Steamed Blue Crabs. These tasty crabs are simply amazing. Steamed and flavored with Old Bay Seasoning, they are to die for. We have some shipped to Montana each year for special events.

All of us come from somewhere else. Even if your Montana roots go back a few generations, many of us have European, or other worldly connections. Dutch, German, and Native American flavors are common in Montana. Wild game and fish are also on the menu in Big Sky Country. With the abundance of grains and wheat, beer and distilled products are growing in fame.

So, what is Montana most famous for? Tasty Testicles and Tater Pigs! What the heck! Now you would think that fresh trout, elk steaks, antelope loins, baked breads, or some wonderful Beef meal would be the Number One Tasty Treat. At least Butte is famous for Pasties.

Montana is famous for the Rocky Mountains, Big Skies, and headwaters of the Missouri River. Our state is so big and diverse. Certainly, a great Rib Eye, Prime cut, or Bison something, maybe a planked trout. Perhaps Native American fry bread or pemmican treats. What about a “Cheeseburger in Paradise? But no, our destination is all about eating something under a bull or pork products shoved into a potato.

Talk about Soup to Nuts! Calf Fries are the removed testicles from young bulls. These nuggets are also called Rocky Mountain Oysters! Odd since we have not had a saltwater ocean in our state for millions of years. The only local marine shellfish are fossils. They are deep fried and supposedly taste like chicken.

Tater Pigs are a pork product, sausage, shoved into a potato! The Tater Pig is then baked and served with a boatload of fixins and toppings. Organizations raise huge funds when selling Tater Pigs at local events.

At least the potato is a major Montana industry. Our state supplies most of the seed potatoes for the US. Beef is included, just not the most obvious cut of beef. The testicles are way down the Bottom, or Under the list of prime cuts.

With our great diversity and BIG, unique open, beautiful spaces, you would think someone could up with something different. Our Tasty treats are unique, that’s for sure.

Have a ball and Pig out when in Montana!

Montana Grant

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