What a day for watercraft inspectors in eastern Montana!
By angelamontana

Posted: May 26, 2020

We received a message from Liz Lodman with FWP that shows being an AIS inspector means you have to persevere!

Last Wednesday, the Flowing Wells station, which is just south of Fort Peck, was quite an “eventful” day for the watercraft inspectors.  After a storm actually took out the power out for an unknown timeframe (possibly days), the wind also ripped off the station signs.  The crew was forced to sit in their vehicle to recharge their tablet.  Stories from other people in the area involved being surprised there was still a roof on the shed because the wind was so strong.  To top it off, a vehicle pulling a boat trailer left a memento as it pulled into the station (see photo above)–a big ol snake!

So, kudos to these eastern Montana watercraft inspectors for being so tough and resilient, and just know they are still open for business!  Be sure to show them a “little love” this weekend!