Big Fish Come Out of Fort Peck and the Missouri River below
By angelamontana

Posted: June 29, 2020

In the last week while fishing out of the MORS Headquarters, Fort Peck Reservoir  and the Missouri River below the reservoir have produced big fish whether you want to catch walleye, northern pike or catfish.

(From Left to Right and starting at the top)

Ben Galt from White Sulpher Springs with a 30 inch walleye, Ted Toavs from Wolf Point with and 32 inch walleye, Brian Olson from Fort Peck with a river 31 1/2 inch eye, Jonny Ward from Bryant SD with nice catfish and walleye, his dad Dan Ward also from Bryant with a pike and walleye, Dowrigger Dale from MORS with a walleye, Jim Majerus from Billings with a walleye and the Captain with a decent walleye .

Its time to go fishing!