By Montana Grant

Posted: June 25, 2020


You could only use one spinner, what would it be? Throwing Metal”, with a spinning rod is great fun. Shiny spinners are lures that mimic minnows. The big fish eat the little fish is the premise behind these fish catching baits.

Everyone has their favorite. Mepps spinners have been around forever. A knock off, sold at Herters was called the Hepps. These French made spinners come in many sizes, colors, and options. As a kid, I sold squirrel tails to Mepps for 32 cents a tail! They would perfectly add them as attractors to their spinners. Sizes start at zero and go up. For most all around fishing, a size 2 in silver would be my choice. The treble hook would have a red band around it.

Joe’s Flies are another spinner choice. Made in West Virginia, these spinners are very light and have a fly attached to a stinger hook. You can creep this spinner along at a really slow speed. The short strikers are caught by the stinger hooks. Try a size 8-10 in the Cow Dung pattern.

Panther Martins are also a great spinner. I was introduced to them when fishing Slough Creek years ago. They also come in many sizes and colors and have super sharp hooks. The inset blade creates a sonic wave to attract fish. I add yellow or chartreuse impala hair to mine for added enticement. They are heavy and easy to cast. The sharp hooks are awesome but need sharpened occasionally.

Rooster Tails are another popular brand. These lighter spinners can also be retrieved very slowly. The inverted tied tails form an enticing umbrella shape. They can be harder to cast if you are using heavy line. The yellow body and hair tail would be my choice in a size 3.

In Montana, the Silver Blue Fox #1 is my go-to spinner, IF I had to pick only one. This heavy spinner can be cast a mile. It also trolls well. The bare treble hooks are perfect to add a piece of worm, leech, or hair.

The other deal with spinners is color. For me less is more but “silver in the clouds and gold in the sun”, determine my blade and body colors. Great line is also important. Use the lightest line that you feel comfortable with. I prefer 2-6 lb test Golden Stren mono. Colored line helps you see where you cast and identify light bites. Attach a micro barrel swivel to the end and add 14 inches of clear fluorocarbon tippet. You can get fluorocarbon tippet at 8-10 lbs that is the same diameter as 4-6 lb test Stren.

Always sharpen your hooks!

Montana Grant

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