By Montana Grant

Posted: June 2, 2020

Montanan’s are known for their free spirits, adventure nature, and unique behaviors. Recently I saw a picture that show just how “Bad Ass” a Montanan can be. Oh, sure we can climb mountains, drift raging rivers, ski avalanches and do so many other crazy things but…

A real Bad Ass can saddle up a Grizzly Bear and ride like the wind! Imagine seeing this guy ripping down the trail. Bikers, hikers, and trekkers need to step aside.

There are also pictures of Montanans riding elk, bison, and anything with 4 legs. Hey it beats walking. Not only are Montanan’s creative, they are survivors. We do what we must to stay alive.

Training wild critters for riding, shows, or other uses is not uncommon. With proper training and repetition, animals can learn new tricks. They certainly get some great care and treats. For others, wild critters need to be untamed and left alone.

Riding other critters is amazing and adventurous, but riding a Grizzly Bear is just Bad Ass!

Montana Grant

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