By Montana Grant

Posted: June 28, 2020

Montanans decorate their homes with fur, feathers, horns, and antlers. An occasional fish or two may also be found in most traditional Montana design plans. Even out of stators buy trophies to add the Rocky Mountain flavor to their domains.

Maintaining these expensive memories is important. Many hunters look at their mounted birds, fish, and big game as memorials. These memories are symbols of choices made right, great friends that helped, and food for the belly and soul. As we age, these memories are more important.

Here are some tips on how to protect and preserve your special mounted memories!

Keep out of the sun!   Direct sunlight dries and fades your mounts. If you need extra lighting, use electric directed lights.

Keep your paws off!  Oils from people touching will not help the hair or feathers. Admire from afar. Hides are best dressed with a product called “Body Shine”.

Keep them dry!     Consider humidity and other sources of moisture. Too much moisture will rot your memories. Once damp, insects will make the hides and feathers their homes. Never put water on your trophies. Instead, use a microfiber cloth sprayed with some lacquer thinner. It evaporates quickly, cleans, and shines.

Keep away from pets!   My favorite bird dog Magnum knew what a bird was. Many times, I walked into the living room to find Magnum on point. I wonder what my pheasants would have looked like if he could have reached them?

Keep off the cobwebs!   Spiders love branched antlers. Their webs capture flies and before you know it, an insect graveyard will decorate your antlers. Use a long-handled duster sprayed with a dusting product to keep your antlers and hides clear of cobwebs.

Back in the day, we used to go to a bar called Sources. As soon as you walked in, a giant standing Polar Bear was on the right. Most polar bears are white. This one had turned brown from years of neglect, smoke, touching, and abuse. As expensive as this mount was, it was destroyed by day to day abuse.

Every mount has a story. Be sure to write it on the back-display board or attach a folded copy to the mount. Otherwise, it ends up as a dead critter with no story.

Don’t let your memories self-destruct from neglect!

Montana Grant

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