3 RIVERS REPORT!!! 7/9/20
By Montana Grant

Posted: July 9, 2020

The Gallatin Valley and County continue to see afternoon Thunderstorms. Great fishing is coming soon. Apparently, the President’s son was fishing here last week, and his girlfriend caught the Covid virus! No Catch and Release with that monster.

Yellowstone River     FINALLY, the river is getting fishable and safe. The water is still high, and the hydraulics are a bit sketchy. If you are drifting, pay attention. Fair amount of debris is also floating with you. Also check out your boat ramp access areas for erosion and damage before you float. The Big Bugs are high toward Gardiner. Fish are still tight to the banks. If nymphing, go deep and do not be afraid of using some weight. On the surface go flashy and trashy. Big Wulffs and stonefly patterns. Drop off a flashy Prince nymph. Sculpins, Zonkers, Madonnas, and Spuddlers will work if you get them deep. As the water drops. Life will get great on the Stone soon.

Madison River Upper    Clearing and dropping. This is the best fishing around at the moment. Lots of bugs and choices for the fish. BIG BUGS are around and upstream from the $3 Dollar access. Pretty crowded but the water is high, and most fishermen are on the bank. Rest an area for 15 minutes and enjoy. Attractors on the surface are working but don’t forget the dropper. Use a small Zebra midge or your favorite small tasty treat. It is more about presentation than pattern. Yellow Sallies, PMDs, Caddis, its all on the water. I found nice trout chasing my streamers but only nips. Fish are near the banks and hungry. Afternoon showers are an adventure.

Lower    Weekends means the Rubber Tube Hatch is in full float. Find less crowded water. Streamers are working well if you fish. Just watch out for Bikinis and beer cans. Dead drift Brown Madonna’s or your favorite crayfish pattern. The water is a bit warmer and the crayfish are active. Once it hits 65 degrees, the fishery will close. Worms and usual nymph patterns work as well. Things on the river are changing constantly. Practice your BEST Catch and Release skills.

Gallatin River    The river is at 800 CFS. Safe wading is at 600 CFS. Salmonflies are in the Canyon and close to the bank. Get above the Taylors Fork for clear water. The section in Yellowstone Park is the best water. Try using Black Crystal Buggers, size 2-6, and flashy flies in the cloudy water. Always drop a Zebra Midge or your favorite nymph off any attractor pattern. Big Prince nymphs, worms, and stone nymphs will all work. Bounce the bottoms.

Have fun and enjoy the Big Fly-Fishing Country!

Montana Grant

For more Montana grant, catch him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.