By Montana Grant

Posted: July 23, 2020

Another Black Bear has been killed in Yellowstone Park. A female bear bit a camper last week and was eating their unhung camp food. The 5 backpackers were camped at the site on July 6th.

A woman and child were sitting outside their tent when the bear approached. Three adults and 2 children were in the group. The bear began eating the camper’s food as they tried to scare the bear off. The woman was bitten on the arm and head along with several bruises.

When the Rangers arrived, the bear was still eating the camper’s food. This was the bears death sentence. How the Rangers knew that there was an issue is unconfirmed. Since the bear ate “Human Food” it was doomed. Capturing and re-releasing bears after they have tasted human food rarely is successful. The bear was shot on the spot!

1 in 850,000 people have a chance of having a bear encounter or attack. Backcountry campers must carry Bear Spray. If campers have a legal Carry Permit, they may carry a pistol. If you leave out your food , the bears will come!

Campers food must be hung from a tree away from the camp. Cooking and food preparation and eating should also be away from where the campers sleep. Not all campers appreciate or understand this. Not sure why the mistakes of campers are not a concern.

You should never cook or have food near your sleeping areas. Cooking is best done downwind of your site and far away from the camp. It is more work but is safer and smarter. Peeing around the campsite will allow scent to discourage bears from human contact. Playing music will also alert bears to your present. Bathing, hygiene products, toothpaste and other smells attract bears. Perform these routines away from the campsite. Keep your bear spray handy and know how to use it. The Bears’ face is a relatively small target.

Bears are opportunistic feeders. They can smell food at long distances. Precautions are important if you want to avoid an encounter. If a mistake is made, the bear will always pay for the mistake of thoughtless campers.

Bear with us!

Montana Grant

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