By Montana Grant

Posted: July 19, 2020

You could have only one spinning reel what would it be? Spinning reels have come a long way over the last century. Reels are more important than something to hold your line. A proper reel helps you to control and cast accurately. A great drag will help you land fish.

My old Cane Pole as a kid had huge paper clips or wire that were used to wrap line around. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. On a trip to Jamaica, I once used a long-necked beer bottle to wrap and cast my heavy line. A fisherman sometimes needs to improvise.

Modern reels have really made an impact on spin fishing. Lightweight materials have made reels durable and comfortable to use. Stainless steel ball bearings make the reels easy to manage and “spin”. The machined, extended spools allow for consistent line loading and longer casts. Great drags are more adjustable and efficient. Thanks to these features, a spin fisherman can get away with using light line and smaller lures or hooks. All these features mean more catching.

Spin reels are a personal choice. Some anglers are loyal to a brand. Some just buy American. Others have several reels that have different looks and uses. Go shopping and settle on what you need and can afford. A Shakespeare closed face reel will do everything an expensive Quantum reel will do.

Get a reel that you like, have confidence in, and can afford. You do not need reels that cost several hundred bucks. Once you have found that special brand and style, get several of these reels in the sizes you need. Start with an ultra-lite size that will fit on your 5-foot light rod. Now jump up a size or two to your Bass rod, then a larger boat rod, or… Every reel will work, look, and feel the same. Now when you grab a rig, it is familiar and comfortable. You do not have to locate the anti-reverse or… Each reel is identical. Only the size changes.

The reel is more important than the rod. Invest your money in a great reel with a great drag. My choice is a Daiwa Tournament reel. I have it in sizes from the ultra-light version to big boat salmon and saltwater reels. I load colored Stren or quality Solar lines on every reel. Mono or braid is a personal choice. Seeing where your line is helps you see the bites and locate your casts. Add a fluorocarbon tippet, to a quality barrel swivel, to limit twisting, and add invisible, stronger line to the business end.

The drag on these reels is excellent. I can make small adjustments as needed. When the drag runs out, it is smooth and consistent. I land more fish because of this drag. These reels have been on my rods for more than a decade and still outperform every other reel I have tried.

Pick a Really good reel that meets your needs and will not break the bank.

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, catch him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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